Food insecurity, chronic disease, and quality of life among deaf adults who use American Sign Language

Summary (Abstract)

This study examined the relationships of food insecurity, chronic diseases, and QoL in a U.S. sample of 630 deaf adults (18 to 89 years old; 55% female) who used American Sign Language (ASL). Measures of USDA Food Security Module, self-reported diagnoses of chronic diseases, and QoL were administered in ASL and English. Approximately 22% reported facing food insecurity, with low food security (11%) and very low food security (11.4%). QoL, but not the presence of chronic diseases, was significantly associated with food insecurity. Higher income and absence of depression acted as protective factors, reducing the risk for food insecurity.


Engelman, A. & Kushalnagar, P.

Publication Date

December 3, 2019

Journal or Website Name

Journal of Environmental Hunger and Food Security




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