Fast Fact: Quality of Life among Older Deaf Adults
Video Transcript

"A gray background with a yellow, blue, and black Deaf Health Communication and Quality of Life Center logo on the top left. A Colombian woman with brown hair is wearing a white lab coat.

""When you think about your current life, what emotions do you feel? Are you happy? Sad? Disappointed? Many factors influence how you feel your life is going. This is known as ""quality of life."" Our Deaf Heath lab gathered data from 271 older deaf adults (55-95 years old). This lab found that deaf older adults who felt they had excellent social life were more likely to say their quality of life was higher compared to those who said their social health was poor. It is important for older Deaf adults to be in a healthy environment that allows social connection, usage of shared language, and cultural understanding. Having a good quality of life increases happiness!"""

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