Fast Fact: Cervical Cancer
Video Transcript

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“It is important to know your body, right? Did you know that cervical cancer is easy to miss, thus resulting in cancerous growth ?!

Cervical cancer is when cells in cervix grow rapidly without control. You won’t likely feel the cancerous lesion, nor it is noticeable until it is too late. That is why you should take pap smear tests to check for cancer. Did you know that health insurance will cover for the tests? Go ahead!

CDC recommends that you start pap smear test at 18-21 years old, and retake it every three years. This lab found that 78% (N=415) Deaf ASL users followed the recommendation of receiving pap smear screening test every three years.

The test consists of swabbing the cervix to gather cells, then the swabbed cells will be analyzed for possible cancerous cells.

It's your body! Go ahead and discuss about pap smear at your next doctor appointment!"

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